7 Day Pilates Workout Course

by Elif Atay

7 Day Pilates Workout Course.

Feel refreshed and invigorated once you get started on this course and in less than 15 minutes a day enjoy the benefits of smooth Pilates flow classes from stretching to strengthening.

Simply roll out your mat and start activating areas of your body that have been sleeping for years!

(This course comes with no need for any assessment or downloadable notes)

7 Days of Pilates Workouts

This video will preview what's in store for you on this 15 minutes a day, 7-Day Pilates Workout Series!

Day 1 - Stretch & Loosen Up

Day 1 you will learn how to stretch your hips, the back of your legs, your lower back, glutes, hamstrings and side of your body in this gentle soothing Pilates Introduction.

Day 2 - Abdominal Activation

Learn how to activate your deepest abdominal muscles and being to strengthen your core and glute muscles. Support your lower back by activating your deep core muscles with this simple 15 minutes Pilates mat flow.

Day 3 - Inner Abs & Hip Strength

Learn how to activate and strengthen your deep stabilising abdominals in four-point kneeling and rotation, while maintaining smooth and controlled breathing. Build strength in the musculature of your inner and outer thighs to further support your hips and maintain healthy posture.

Day 4 - Outer Abs & Glute Strength

Start to build global strength by building up the strength and of your outer abs, both in the front and the sides through these simple mat exercises. Combine this ab workout with a classic Pilates glutes and inner thigh workout flow.

Day 5 - Hip Mobility & Strength

Start to bring everything you've practiced so far together in this hip mobility and strength routine combined with a fantastic abdominal workout flow.

Day 6 - Full Body Workout on Your Mat

Build your arms, abs, glutes and thighs all together with this full body workout using just your mat and your body weight.

Day 7 - Lower Abs & Outer Thighs

Step up the intensity for the final day of this 7 Day Pilates Course Strengthen your lower abs and outer thighs with these slightly more advanced abs and glute exercises on your mat from Elif.

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Nov 30, 2023
All levels
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