Nutritional and Therapeutic Applications of Mushrooms

by Dr Cliff Harvey

This introductory course will allow you to understand the uses of the common supplemental fungi and mushrooms for health and performance.

Why study functional mycology?

Mushrooms and other fungi can offer incredible, evidence-backed benefits to health and performance...but few people know how to use and prescribe the common mushrooms available as supplements. This course will teach you the benefits, uses, and cautions for the common mushrooms.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Learn what the current research says about the common mushrooms

  • Understand the clinical and performance benefits of mushrooms like Lion's Mane, Chaga, Reishi, Shiitake, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail (and more!)

  • Discover dosing, cautions, and safety and toxicity information for these mushrooms and fungi

  • Increase your knowledge-base in the fascinating field of functional mycology!

Lecture 1: Welcome to Functional Mycology!

Introduction to Mycology What is Mycology (the study of mushrooms) How Fungi Made all Life on Land Possible The Little Book of Mushrooms - By Cliff Harvey PhD Fantastic Fungi: The Spirit of Good

Lecture 2: Mushrooms as Food & Medicine

Mushrooms as Food and Medicine Why Mushrooms? Ethnomycology Mushrooms as Food and Medicine Stoned Apes and Fungal Intelligence by Paul Stamets via After Skool

Lecture 2: P2 Ethnomycology

Learn the benefits of ethnomycology and how we can utilise these amazing substances for our own health and wellbeing

Lecture 3: P1 Supplemental Applications of Mushrooms for Health & Performance - Lions Mane

Discover the the wonders of Lion's Mane

Lecture 3: P2 Cordyceps

Lecture 3: P3 Reishi

Lecture 3: P4 Chaga

Lecture 3: P5 Turkey Tail

Lecture 3: P6 Shiitake

Lecture 4: Mushroom Foraging

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Nov 30, 2023
All levels
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