Understanding Carbohydrate Nutrition

by Dr Cliff Harvey

Carbohydrate Appropriate Nutrition

This short course delves into 'Carbohydrate Appropriate' nutrition - the tailoring of diet based on the genetics, activity, and carbohydrate tolerance of an individual.

Why Carb-Appropriate?

Cut through the low-carb vs high-carb confusion to find out the right diet for YOU

Learning Outcomes

  • Find out which factors affect carbohydrate benefits and requirements
  • Learn how to structure your meals and nutrition to fit your needs...without counting calories
  • Learn how to go from simple, quality nutrition into more quantified meal plans for your specific goals
  • Start any time, study at your own pace, and learn from the creator of the Carb-Appropriate concept, Cliff Harvey

L1: Towards Carbohydrate Appropriate

Discover what type of Diet you follow and forget high carb vs low carb its actually all about carb appropriate diets.

L2: Carbohydrate Tolerance

In this lecture delve into the factors which affect carbohydrate tolerance.

L3: Defining Carb-Appropriate Diets

Understand what carbohydrate appropriate diets are. Learn the concept of "Just Eat real Food" and what eating high carb means.

L4: Applying Carb-Appropriate Nutrition

Discover the key concepts of carb appropriate diets and understand how to sequentially reduce sugar, wheat, gluten grains, other grains legumes, tubers and fruit.

L5: Quantifying Carbohydrates

In this lecture understand how important calories are!

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Nov 30, 2023
All levels
$ 119.00