About Us

In 2015, A Life of Education founder, Caroline Leon survived a life threatening rock-climbing accident, after she fell 7m. Over the course of two years she under went 14 surgeries to repair; two shattered calcanei, reconstruct multiple broken bones in each foot, along with re-attaching her shattered right ilium, reconstructing her right pubic bone and replacement/reconstruction of her T12, L1 & L2 vertebrae. 

By the time Caroline had taught herself to walk again, it was time for her to progress and step out of the clinical setting. Her effort to find a rehabilitation instructor to effectively take her through this complex stage of her rehab, proved more difficult than anticipated.  

After numerous negative and disappointing experiences, Caroline was finally recommended to contact rehabilitation specialist Keith O'Malley-Farrell from The Physical Training Company. Keith had a wide ranging experience rehabilitating patients recovering from complex trauma injuries during his time working in the UK with the British Military.

It was clear to both, that while the general health and fitness community was well versed in weight loss, body building, yoga, pilates and gym instruction, as a whole, the in-depth understanding of the complexities involved with effectively supporting those confronted with out of the ordinary challenges, just didn't do the industry justice. 

From this, Caroline invited Keith to collaborate with her and A Life of Education was born. Our aim was to bring leading experts from around the world of health and fitness together on one brand new platform to share their knowledge and expertise on a global scale. By watching and learning from those specialists in their fields students will continue their professional development and education through a  more flexible, more accessible and more affordable education platform.