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"I participated in the Anatomy course. It was a great course but made much better because I could rewind and go over things in my own time. It was very in depth and very affordable for me."

Ernesto Hernandez

"I absolutely loved ALOE’s Level 1 Diabetes Training. It is vital for me as a Type 1 to keep informed of all the facts and after this course, I feel far more intelligent and have a greater understanding and knowledge of all things Diabetic. The teaching style is fantastic and it will be an excellent resource to keep referring to. I can’t recommend it highly enough."

Milly Larmer

"I really enjoyed learning about how to improve my yoga practice. I took the Chaturanga course with Liz Terry, it really helped me with how to understand the chatarunga pose and when to use it properly. - Thanks ALOE"

Sophie-Grace Williams

"Just wanted to let you know that the Diastasis Recti course I purchased is very good and valuable. Thank you for providing us this website"

Smitha Ozlem