Obesity & Diabetes

by Kris Tynan

Obesity and Diabetes - Scheme of Work 

  • This course is designed to give you practical knowledge to work confidently with clients or class participants who are obese or living with diabetes.
  • The course covers the causes, pathophysiology and management of obesity and diabetes. 
  • It explains the importance of appropriate exercise interventions giving you practical programming examples and a clear understanding of the considerations and precautions to be taken when prescribing and instructing exercise.

Aims and Objectives

  • To provide you with a key background knowledge about obesity and diabetes.
  • To increase your understanding of the risk factors, co-morbidities and management of these conditions.
  • To provide information around safe and appropriate exercise options.
  • On completion of the course you will be able to prescribe and instruct safe and appropriate exercise to people living with obesity or diabetes in a 1-1 or group setting.

Course content was reviewed and approved by the following organisations:

  • Vanessa Warren – The Wellness Clinic, REPs registered trainer specialising in obese and bariatric clients
  • Lynne Taylor – Manager - Diabetes Christchurch Inc. New Zealand

Preview Kidney Disease and the Exercise Professional

1 Introduction & Overview of Obesity

Obesity prevalence, causes and costs, measurement and definition. Module Learning Outcome: To gain an overview of obesity

2 Common Health Issues

Health issues associated with obesity, common medications and treatments. MLO: To understand the associated health issues and treatments

3 Social & Psychological Impact

Influencing factors, the social and psychological impact, barriers and challenges. MLO: To give students insight into the issues obese people face

4 Weight Loss Health Outcomes

Weight loss health outcomes. The instructor’s role. MLO: To provide students with motivational tools to use with their clients

5 Exercise Considerations

Exercise considerations MLO: To have an understanding of appropriate exercise modalities for the bigger client

6 Diabetes Overview

Pathophysiology and prevalence of diabetes. MLO: To gain an overview of diabetes.

7 Diabetes & Management

Types of diabetes and management. MLO: To understand the types and how they are managed

8 Diabetes Risk Factors

Complications and risk factors of diabetes. MLO: To understand the complications of diabetes

9 Exercise Benefits, Considerations & Precautions

Benefits of exercise, considerations and precautions. MLO: What precautions instructors need to take

10 Programming for Obesity & Diabetes

Exercise prescription for both obesity and diabetes. MLO: To give students appropriate exercise prescription guidelines for obese and diabetic clients

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