Obesity & Diabetes

by Kris Tynan

Obesity and Diabetes - Scheme of Work 

  • This course is designed to you you practical knowledge to allow you work confidently with clients or class participants who are obese or living with diabetes.
  • The course covers the causes, pathophysiology and management of obesity and diabetes. 
  • It explains the importance of appropriate exercise interventions giving you practical programming examples and a clear understanding of the considerations and precautions to be taken when prescribing and instructing exercise.

Aims and Objectives

  • To provide you with a key background knowledge about obesity and diabetes.
  • To increase your understanding of the risk factors, co-morbidities and management of these conditions.
  • To provide information around safe and appropriate exercise options.
  • On completion of the course you will be able to prescribe and instruct safe and appropriate exercise to people living with obesity or diabetes in a 1-1 or group setting.

Course content was reviewed and approved by the following organisations:

  • Vanessa Warren – The Wellness Clinic, REPs registered trainer specialising in obese and bariatric clients
  • Lynne Taylor – Manager - Diabetes Christchurch Inc. New Zealand

Preview Kidney Disease and the Exercise Professional

1 Introduction & Overview of Obesity

Obesity prevalence, causes and costs, measurement and definition. Module Learning Outcome: To gain an overview of obesity

2 Common Health Issues

Health issues associated with obesity, common medications and treatments. MLO: To understand the associated health issues and treatments

3 Social & Psychological Impact

Influencing factors, the social and psychological impact, barriers and challenges. MLO: To give students insight into the issues obese people face

4 Weight Loss Health Outcomes

Weight loss health outcomes. The instructor’s role. MLO: To provide students with motivational tools to use with their clients

5 Exercise Considerations

Exercise considerations MLO: To have an understanding of appropriate exercise modalities for the bigger client

6 Diabetes Overview

Pathophysiology and prevalence of diabetes. MLO: To gain an overview of diabetes.

7 Diabetes & Management

Types of diabetes and management. MLO: To understand the types and how they are managed

8 Diabetes Risk Factors

Complications and risk factors of diabetes. MLO: To understand the complications of diabetes

9 Exercise Benefits, Considerations & Precautions

Benefits of exercise, considerations and precautions. MLO: What precautions instructors need to take

10 Programming for Obesity & Diabetes

Exercise prescription for both obesity and diabetes. MLO: To give students appropriate exercise prescription guidelines for obese and diabetic clients

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Kris Tynan

Kris Tynan

Kris Tynan has a Physical Education Diploma from the University of Otago (NZ). She holds the GP referral qualification from the UK and is certified with the Functional Ageing Institute (FAI) in the US, Cancer United (UK), Exercise for the Management of Cancer (Edith Cowan, Australia) and Tai Chi for Arthritis and Health. She is the author of the LOAFFA resource (Leading Older Adults in Functional Fitness Activity) and the Interactive Instructor Book which is used as a textbook for many organisations in New Zealand.
She is a frequent presenter at conferences in NZ and overseas and in 2012 was awarded the Exercise New Zealand award for outstanding contribution to the industry.