Anatomy of the Trunk

by Keith O'Malley-Farrell

Trunk Anatomy & Stability

The musculature of your trunk or core, is of vital importance to understand fully from both a stability perspective when trying to understand problems like back pain and weakness, and also crucial to understand when trying to execute many of your body's primary movements. Every force passes through the trunk at some point since that's where our centre of gravity lies, so understand the building blocks of what is under tension and activated is the very first step in reducing pain and dysfunction and improving almost every single performance metric!

What you will learn upon completing of this Trunk Anatomy Lecture:

  • An introduction the basic structure and function of the spinal column and its key bones, joints, and function.
  • The specific characteristics of the different levels of the spine, cervical, thoracic, lumbar, how and why the differ in size, shape and function.
  • The classifications and key features surrounding the sacroiliac joint from articulating surfaces to the strong ligaments stabilising the joint.
  • The origins and insertions and actions of the "core" muscles acting to stabilise and control movement of the Lumbar Spine, broken into primary muscle function and boney attachments.
  • The key features of the thorax, thoracic spine, rib cage, costovertabral articulations, breathing mechanisms and origins and insertions of muscles acting on the thorax.
  • The origins and insertions and actions of the muscles acting on the thoracic and cervical spine, broken into primary muscle function and boney attachment points.
  • Introduction to basic and fundamental movements and ranges of movements through the different segments of the spinal column and how that leads to stability and function of your body.

Trunk Anatomy Introduction Preview

Introduction to anatomy of the trunk and what you will learn when you enrol on this trunk online anatomy course

2 Spinal Column Overview

Discussing the different sections of the spine, what makes up the cervical spine, what makes up the thoracic spine and how the ribs play their part, and what are the special characteristics of the lumbar spine and the sacrum

3 Types of Standing Postures

Understand what lordosis is, what kyphosis is and what scoliosis is and how poor posture affects how we move and if we are vulnerable to feeling pain and or discomfort.

4 Lumbar Spine & Facet Joints

Learn the basic fundamental break down of the lumbar spine vertebral bones and how their shape inis derived from the need to bare the load of the upper body and how that determines a lot of the function of the lower back. What are facets joints and how they align throughout the vertebral column

5 Anatomy of the Vertebral Colum

Learn the fundamental anatomyand the difference in anatomy of the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum and coccyx. How this anatomy determines the function and movement and stability at each of the different segments of the spine.

6 The SacroIliac Joint

Learn the underlying articulating surfaces between the sacrum and the ilium and the ligaments that surround this joint giving it its very strong and stable function.

7 Pelvic Floor Overview

Learn the anatomy of the pelvic floor so you can better speak with your clients about the implications of a weak pelvic floor and the adverse effects that can have on our well being

8 Lower Spine Movement & Stability

Understanding the movement and stability available at the lower spine through the vertebral column and the muscles that encapsulates the area, delivering both movement and stability of our core musculature.

9 The Rib Cage

Understanding the basic anatomy of the rib cage and how that effects our respiration and breathing mechanisms, very important to understand when teaching clients how to learn to breath properly.

10 Intercostals & Muscles of Respiration

Learn which muscles work when we breath in and exhale

11 Muscles of the Cervical & Thoracic Spine

Which muscles work to give us movement of the neck and the middle back

12 Intrinsic Muscles of the Neck & Thorax

13 The Joints and Range of Movements about the Spine

14 Conclusion

Congratulations! This concludes our anatomy and physiology of Movement Course...

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