Introduction to Anti-ageing & Wellness

by Katrina Valente

Course Learning outcomes

In this course you get a taste of what anti-ageing truly means. It is not one thing but a number of variables that brings you into total alignment and health. So you can not only look beautiful but feel it from the inside out. You will understand how holistic therapy can really help you in your daily life and how you can use colour, essential oils, positive affirmations, detoxification, superfoods, skincare and emotional therapy to help you stand in your power and know who you are. Beauty truly is an inside job.

Course description

In this course you will get a full description of how different aspects of holistic therapy, products and foods can really change your life.

Katrina will go through skincare products, colour therapy , crystals and how they can be used in your daily life.

Detoxification is a big topic and she will delve into it to let you understand how detoxing your body can be of great benefit.

Also how positive affirmations work and mind-fullness as well as meditation can help you achieve your goals. Exercise will also be discussed and how different exercise can help different body types.

Essential oils can be used instead of chemicals on our body and around the home.

How superfoods can be brought into your daily diet. 

She will also give her take on botox, filler and mesotherapy and how they can be used successfully or not in the anti-aging process.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Anti-Aging

In this chapter Katrina discusses some of the basic principals of anti-aging.

Chapter 2 The Skin: How to Take Care

The Skin How to choose products How to know what skin type you've got How to take care of it to get optimum results as we age

Chapter 3: Color & The Chakras

In this chapter Katrina discusses the 14 colors and their corresponding chakras with emphasis on the emotional element which surrounds these colors and how to incorporate the subtle practice into your daily life.

Chapter 4: Crystals

In this chapter Katina discusses some of the most prominent crystals and the benefits on the human body.

Chapter 5: Essential Oils

In this chapter Katrina delves into the science of essential oils and how they can aid in anti-aging.

Chapter 5.2 Essential Oil Mixes

Get a look at some essential oil mixes and the benefits on the body.

Chapter 6: Emotional Therapy

In this chapter Katrina outlines some simple tools to allow your emotions to be balanced. Katrina explores tools like addressing stress, utilizing meditation, journaling and more.

Chapter 7: Detoxing the Body

In this Chapter Katrina outlines the importance of detoxification and why its essential to integrate some detoxification methods like juicing, fasting and supplementation into your anti-aging protocols.

Chapter 8: Superfoods

Chapter 9: Fillers and Mesotherapy an Overview

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