Forward Head Posture

by Human Kinetics


Welcome to Forward Head Posture Management. This course is part of the Positional Release Therapy Video Series by Human Kinetics. The content of this course is geared to provide continuing education credits for health care professionals, such as athletic trainers and physical therapists, who utilize manual therapy to alleviate forward head posture (FHP) in their patients

Learning Objectives 

1. Articulate at least three factors that may contribute to the development of FHP. 

2. Demonstrate at least two key positional release therapy (PRT) techniques for treatment of FHP. 

3. Provide a rationale for the implementation of PRT in a treatment regimen for FHP.


· Acute, subacute, and chronic pain 

· Neuropathic pain 

· Somatic referred pain 

· Muscle spasm 

· Tissue hypertonicity 

· Range of motion deficit 

· Joint hypomobility 

· Fibromyalgia 

· Central sensitization syndrome 

· Peripheral sensitization 

· Postconcussion syndrome 

· Headache 

· Myofascial pain syndrome 

· Cumulative trauma 

· Lymphatic compromise 

· Hypoperfusion 

· Muscular weakness 

· Visceral dysfunction 


· Absolute 

· Open wounds 

· Acute nerve root compression 

· Infection 

· Deep vein thrombosis 

· Pain or neurologic symptomology during treatment 

· Healing fracture 

· Aneurysm 

· Acute rheumatory conditions 

· Hematoma 

· Acute concussion 

· Relative 

· Herniated disc 

· Vertebral stenosis 

· Sutures 

· History of motor neuron disease 


Monitor the patient during marked cervical extension for vertebral artery compression signs.

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5 TMJ Release Techniques.mp4

6 Pec Major Release & Thorax Rotation.mp4

7 Conclusion Forward Head Posture.mp4

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