Pelvis Lateral Tilt Knock on Effect

by Tanya Thompson

Lateral Tilt Knock-on Effect


Outline of course: Lateral tilt knock-on effect


Learn all the chain reactions that occur with a Lateral Pelvic tilt combined with an anterior pelvic tilt or posterior pelvic tilt. In order to train a client correctly with any of the above, we need a deeper understanding of how the body responds to movement and exercise when one of these tilts are present. What can we do to assist these clients with the ailments that develop because of the lateral pelvic tilt? Learn a client specific program for a lateral pelvic tilt with the right hip being higher and relate this to the left hip being higher. Learn how to apply your theoretical knowledge to movement and create amazing lateral tilt programs.



This course enables the Movement Professional to understand the musculoskeletal changes within the body on a client specific level. They are also able to effectively train a client with any lateral pelvic tilt as well as modify exercises according to the client’s needs and create a program that is client specific. This will lead to increased pelvic and spinal stability for the client.


Course description:

  •   Looking at the musculoskeletal system that is affected through the lateral tilt
  •   What injuries or pathology is affected by a lateral tilt?
  •   What are the chain reactions with the lateral pelvic tilt and how do we relate this to movement?
  •   The exercise program that encourages stability for those who have a lateral pelvic tilt
  •  The conclusion on how to progress a program with a lateral tilt in mind

    Course requirements:

  •  Computer, Internet, Manual (to be printed off of website), stationery
  • Small equipment (Wall, small ball, tone loop, small pad, 65cm ball, spine corrector / arc 

Lateral Tilt Knock on Effect - Preview

Lateral Tilt Knock on Effect - Part 1

Lateral Tilt Knock on Effect - Part 2

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