Understanding Ligament Injuries

by Oliver Blenkinsop

Understanding Ligament Injury

  • Ligamentous Injury
  • In this lesson you will learn the structure and function of ligaments, the classification of injury of ligaments, signs and symptoms of injury, the healing phases and factors affecting the outcomes
  • Signs, Symptoms & Factors Effecting Healing Outcomes
  • Learn what to recognize when presented with a ligament injury and the considerations required when planning the recovery phase
  • Sensorimotor Effects
  • Understand how the body coordinates itself in space and its ability to control and prevent excessive movement
  • ACL Injuries
  • Understand the recovery times and implications of ACL injuries and how best to approach the rehabilitation process
  • Preventative Exercise & Neuromuscular Training
  • Learn how to select appropriate exercises to prevent future ACL injuries especially in those who are high risk of suffering an ACL injury
  • Return To Play
  • Understand the considerations of the time it takes the tissue to fully heal and the function that must be restored before returning to high intensity training and competition

Ligaments L20 - Introduction to Ligament Injuries

Structure and Function of Ligaments, how they get injured, signs and symptoms of injury and severity. Ligament Healing Response stages.

Ligaments L21 - Signs & Symptoms and Factors Effecting Recovery Outcome

Factors effecting healing, rehabilitation and preventative neuromuscular control training

Ligaments L22 - Sensorimotor Effects

Ligaments L24 - Preventative Exercises & Neuromuscular Training

Ligaments L25 - Return to Play

L26 - Summary

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