Beginner kettlebell workout - Kettlebell instructions WKV3

Perform exactly as demonstrated please, meaning, even though you might be more advanced, just perform as demonstrated.

This is for beginners around the world to learn from you. 

Time to demonstrate your technique and skills with the basics. 

Beginner 1 kettlebell
Transition: Deadlift to a neutral stance 6 x hang lift (double-arm squat style)
Transition: Double-arm dead clean 3 x presses L
Transition: Double hand switch and clean 3 x presses R
Transition: Double-arm backswing drop to dead in position for dead swing start 4 x swing double-arm
Transition: open hand horn clean   4 x squat thumb through horn grip

Intermediate 1kb
3 x squat dead lift L
3 x squat dead lift R
Transition: Rack and return to dead, dead clean the other kettlebell 3 x strict presses L
Transition: Swing switch 3 x strict presses R
Transition: Single arm drop to dead in position for dead swing 4 x dead swing double-arm
Transition: Open hand horn grip clean 4 x squat open hand horn grip
Transition: Drop to dead Advanced 2kb
Transition: Dead clean and press one kettlebell 3 x Overhead deadlift L
Transition: Drop 1kb to dead and dead clean and press the other 3 x Overhead deadlift R
Transition: 1 kb hang clean to bring both in racking 6 x alternating presses
Transition: Drop both to dead in position for dead swing 4 x dead swing clean and squat
Transition: Drop to dead