Procerus Fortis 14 Minute Perfect Kettlebell Workout

You should have good overhead mobility, be able to clean, strict press, and most of all have the strength and stability to perform an overhead reverse lunge.

The above video is one of Cavemantrainng training sessions and shows:

- 10 minutes warm-up - 14 minutes kettlebell workout - 6 minutes stretching 

Taco will guide you through the warm-up, workout, and stretching in the video.

From 0 to 8:42 is the warm-up, from 8:43 to 13:48 is the workout, and from 13:49 till the end is stretching and cool-down. 

The areas worked but not limited to with this workout are: - Back - Shoulders - Triceps - Quadriceps - Calves - Gluteals 

You can enrol on one Taco's Kettlebell courses yourself, here through our courses page.

YouTube: Cavemantraining