Barefoot Strong Floor To Core

Join Dr Emily Splichal in better understanding foot anatomy, biomechanics, the fascial connection between your client's feet to the muscles of their pelvic floor and core and how to properly target, strengthen and release the intrinsic and extrinsic muscles for proper function and pain reduction.

Have you ever heard of short foot exercise? What is short foot? How do we train it? How can we improve it? Do we need to improve it?

Dr. Emily delves deep into an exploration of the human foot, from the intrinsic muscles that control the ankle, the mid foot the arch and the toes to the proprioceptive mechanisms that connect your fascial lines from your foot through your lower leg and into your thighs and hips finishing by connecting into your pelvic floor and your abdominals.

Sounds like quite a lot to take in, but when you understand the functions that envelopes these connective tissues, the movements open up into a new world of exercise selection with fine tuning nuances relating to activating these muscles and connections differently to most conventional lower body exercises. This could make the difference to those clients and members who simply can't stand or balance on one foot.

Get a new deeper understanding of foot placement and weight bearing through the human tripod surfaces of our feet. These exercises are so simple they are almost always over looked and misunderstood. Reinvent your perception of the lunge and begin to incorporate short foot with every foot placement.

From there Dr. Emily takes you on a journey through the knee and into the hip and expands on the Deep Five rotators of the hip, similar to the rotator cuff of the shoulder, the hip has its own rotator complex that is crucial to hip stability and pelvic floor activation and abdominal control.

This course is perfect for you if you have any clients that have previously lead a sedentary busy corporate lifestyle of hardened leather shoes, elevated heels and desk sitting for the majority of their daily lives. This course will equip you exercise selection capabilities to challenge your clients in a high return low impact and intensity that will see big rewards, improved neural activity, recover from chronic pain and prevent future injury.

Aug 18, 2019

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