Understanding Stress for You and Your Client

How many times have simply laid eyes on somebody and instantly known that they are stressed. Often times people arrive to exercise in an effort to destress and loosen up a little bit, but did you know that compounding stressful exercise on top of a chronically stressed person can have the opposite result and make them feel worse? Fiona Cosgrave's Understanding Stress for You and Your Client course has created for both an individual who is struggling to control stress in their life and also for the yoga instructor, personal trainer, Pilates instructor and wellness professionals who wants to know how to help people with chronic stress. 

Learn how to identify stress and adapt your sessions appropriately, sometimes perhaps toning down the session and encouraging your client to take it easier than usual may be just what they need to leave the session feeling revitalised instead of a gun-ho maximum effort class that could leave them even more neurological drained. This course give you the power to use exercise as a magic remedy and help destress your client or patient and change their mood entirely.

There is no doubt that everyone in today’s busy world will benefit from a better understanding of stress which is growing in epidemic proportions and is related to so many other lifestyle related illnesses. Fiona has included traditional strategies for how to manage stress, how to reduce stress and along with some alternative approaches and throughout, emphasise how to improve the mind body connection.

Understanding Stress - For you and your clients, is written for the Wellness Coach or client and provides a thorough understanding of what is now the cause of numerous physical and psychological ailments that detract from the quality and satisfaction of so many people’s lives. The course works through a basic understanding of what stress is and how stress can affect people. It looks at the actual physical and psychological responses and potential long term effects if stress is left to accumulate.

In an attempt to shed light on the unique and individual causes and responses to stress, many tools have been included to increase awareness of how stress can present itself and indeed where does stress originate from in any one person. Fiona then explores the many ways of handling stress which includes ways to reduce stress with both physical and mental strategies which are so often written about separately.

The course concludes with a focus on life management skills which include the way we live and deal with the many demands placed on us and how taking the time to connect with people and our environment can be hugely beneficial in turning stress around.

Aug 19, 2019

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