How to build a yoga sequence

How to build a yoga sequence. Exploring the how and why, in addition to the what.

            Throughout my years of being a yoga mentor, many of my students became yoga teachers themselves. Being a YogaWorks teacher trainer myself, one aspect of the 200hr training is how to sequence a class. Little did I know this isn’t so common across all trainings. Even for those of you who don’t go on to be teacher’s, but are interested in exploring yoga a bit more, knowing how to build a sequence is a great tool for you to:

  • Develop a home practice
  • Develop classes for your students
  • Understand how movements flow together
  • Dive into components of each pose and how to build a sequence around that
  • Understand how to implement actions
  • Learn how to become efficient in your teaching
  • Learn an outline which supports your own creativity
  • Explore similar movements across many asana’s

This workshop with is a great place to start.

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Apr 17, 2020

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